Your month-by-month countdown to summer

Summer countdown 01

Summer is just around the corner, 46 days from when we’re publishing this blog to be precise!! Not that we’re counting. So with this in mind we have put together a checklist of things that need to be completed within the next 6 weeks before you enjoy your much needed 4 months off.

April & May – find somewhere to live!

If you haven’t already got your accommodation sorted for next academic year you’ll need to do that ASAP. There are still a few lovely homes available, whether you’re in a group or an individual. The longer you wait, the less choice you’ll have to find accommodation you are 100% happy with – everyone deserves a let they love. Check out the list of what we still have available, we even have homes that require no admin fee, which is a great if you are on a budget, including:

18 Henshall Street is really close to university

26 Sealand Road is great if you want to be close to supermarkets and retail park

109 Ermine Road – perfect for being near the train station, and really close to Kingsway campus

Early May – work based learning

Are you currently a second year or moving into second year in Sept 2016? Even if you’re not doing it this year, it’s always useful to get some insight into things to come! Part of your course will be undertaking a 5-week work placement, obtaining a minimum of 150 hours. This year, placements take place from the 9th May – 10th June 2016 with a 2-day induction over 4 days between the 2nd-6th of May 2016. The assessment for this placement is a 4,000-word analytical report consisting of key skills, a critical reflection, and a development plan. Make a note in your diary, the deadline for this assessment is the 16th June 2016.

Once this is handed in you will be free until September – hooray!

For additional guidance for the assessment check out the Higher Education Academy’s introduction to work based learning. Alternatively, check your moodle page and check out the module descriptor.

Late May – student finance

Whether you’re a first or a second year, unless you’re fortunate to already have a stack of cash in the bank, applying for student finance is a necessity. It takes roughly 20 minutes to complete and can be found on the website. It may seem like an inconvenience now, but you’ll be glad you did it come September when you can afford all the takeaways your heart desires – or you could read our blog about how to ration your student finance.

The deadline for this is June 26th 2016 – and this is the completed application not just an initial assessment. It takes approximately 6 weeks for applications to be approved so it’s definitely worthwhile applying early.

For some extra information on the different loans and grants available check out applying for student finance 2015/2016.

May & June – exams

Nobody likes them but practically every student has to do them. The end of the year signals partying and relaxing, however, it also signals the start of exams. As we publish this blog, exam week is currently taking place for second years, if you’re one of the unlucky few, then take a look at our exam countdown tips to help you the morning of that all important exam.

If you are fortunate enough to not have exams until the end of May, then you have another month of preparing and revising. If you are someone who struggles with revision then check out our revision tips.

Good luck everyone, exam season will be over before you know it.

June & July – checkout and moving

If you are a fully managed tenant with CSL then keys need to be returned to the office no later than 9:30 am on the 31st July 2016. It’s also a good opportunity to log any outstanding property repairs before checking out, to ensure that you’re not going to be held liable for unfixed things about the house. Just log in to your dashboard on our website to get that done.

Even if you’re not a CSL tenant, you’re likely to have similar checkout dates, so double check these with your landlord or letting agency. And make sure you return your keys before you leave for summer as handing them in late may result in fines.

Given that you’ll be removing all of your belongings from your house soon, why not use this time to organise through all the clutter i.e. do you really need to keep all three pairs of white trainers? Here are few organisational tips from the always effective Good Housekeeping to help you pack effectively when moving out.

If you’re still looking for inspiration for where to live next year, just head over to our properties page to see what’s still available.