Work Based Learning from a students perspective

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What is Work Based Learning?

Work-based learning is a module in which multiple second-year students take part in. This module is a pass/fail module in which student take part in a 5-week unpaid employment which equates to 150 hours and then must they must complete an assignment related to the work placement.
We interviewed Tom on his experience during work-based learning and this is what he had thought of it all.


Where are you doing WBL and why?

I am doing my WBL at Chester Student Lets as I believe it will help me develop my skills. These are things like building customer rapport, developing my communication skills; either by using the phone or writing an email and further developing my time management skills. All of these skills will be necessary for when I go into the job I want in the future.


What did you think the job would entail and what do you actually do?

I thought I would only be doing house viewings and inspections but I've been able to do a lot more. I’ve been able to do a number of things, such as calling people such as gardeners and cleaners for quotes and follow-ups, communicating with tenants and landlords about their houses, making and sharing spreadsheets regarding tenants and their information and taking part in the organization of events the company is holding.


Are there any positives and negatives to your WBL?

There are loads of positives to my WBL. One of these is the atmosphere in the hub. It's always very fun and relaxed which makes my day at work more productive. The people I work with are also very nice and are always there for help and reassurance when I need it. I also get to do so a lot of different jobs and meet a lot of new people which is always fun.
The only negative I can say about the job is the amount of traveling I have to do some weeks but that's just something you get used to.


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