What to expect from your first year at university

Making the big move from A levels to a degree can be quite daunting, especially if you are moving away from home and all that you know. University although exciting can also be scary initially, so we have put together a list of things you can expect to happen during your first year at university.


Managing money can be more difficult than one would expect but setting budgets and taking the forgotten extras into consideration will help you to have a better grasp on just how much money you will need. Living independently will make you realise the true cost of living and how expensive cheese actually is, there's a reason students have a stereotype of living off pasta and pot noodles. Textbooks, food shopping and nights out are a given but how many students remember all the little extras? overspending is all too easy. Check out our blog on staying out of your overdraft for more advice on saving.


The workload in the first year of university is often a lot heavier than many students anticipate, the first year is deemed as a 'trial run' as it doesn't count for many courses towards the final degree. However, that doesn't mean it is to be treated as a slack year. Many students fall into the trap that because lecture slides are made available online that there is no need to go to every lecture, statistics do show the better the attendance the better the grades. 


One thing you can expect is when you move to university you will meet a variety of people. This doesn't mean you won't stay in contact with your friends from home. If you are more introverted, there are plenty of sports and societies you can join during freshers week which will introduce you to more people. Often the first group of friends you make, whether it be your flatmates or your course friends, are usually the people you live with the following year. One thing you can expect is the rush of finding student accommodation not long after the academic year starts. By Christmas most student accommodation is filled, so the quicker you find accommodation the better. We usually start our letting campaign October/November so keep an eye out for that. 


If you are a fresher joining the University of Chester this September and haven't sorted accommodation yet, private renting might be something for you to consider. Check out our properties page to see the accommodation we have available for September 2017.