Weirdest international fast food menu items

1. Lasagna Sandwich meal deal

Yep, you heard right. Tescos is possibly the best retailer in the UK for meal deals with their extensive collection of salads, pasta, wraps and sandwiches, but launched as a limited edition snack in 2010, they brought a lasagna sandwich in to the mix. Would you try it? Or did you try it? Let us know on Twitter @chesterstudents!

tesco lasagne sandwich


2. Double sensation pizza

This Pizza Hut 'delicacy' is only available in Singapore. The crazy pizza conception is two pizzas in one and filled with a variety of cheeses and meats such as turkey ham, chicken and sausage. The pizza is even topped off with a cherry. Sweet and savoury all in one?

10 of the strangest fast food items around the world 9


3. Pizza size burger (burger king)

What is it? A massive burger consisting of 4 whopper patties and a variety of toppings! Fresh Avocado (topped with slices of avocado) or Cheese Nacho (topped with cheese sauce, jalapenos and…tortilla chips?).

burger king pizza burger 001


4. Pork and seaweed donut!

Now this one may seem weird to some, usually donuts and topped with sugary delights, however this one found in China is the opposite.

tmg article default mobile


5. Foie Gras burger

This one was only available at the popular American fast food chain called Wendy's. If you’ve got $16 to blow on a burger and that’s what floats your boat, they’ve got a burger topped with the delicacy foie gras. (That’s goose liver to me and you.)

japan foie burger wendys.0


Would you try any of these items? Some pretty tame compared to others, we think you'd agree!

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