Tips on how to bag yourself a graduate job

So you've finally finished your course and graduation is coming up, but the hard work isn't just over yet...

It's time to find a post-grad job. But where do you start?

You've worked your butt off for years so lets help get you a position you deserve!


1. Look everywhere  

It may seem obvious, but the internet isn't the only way of searching for jobs. There's a lot available so widen your horizons and chances! Look in newspapers, magazines, printed articles and buildings/companies of interest and see what you find. If you put yourself out there and show your willingness to work, this will be a factor that could stand out to employers and as a way to remember you.

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2. Experience is key

So you've got your degree in the bag, but don't expect that to carry you all the way. Experience is also an almost necessary tool you'll need on your CV. So if you haven't already, to get some inspo try checking out Prospects. According to another student blog, they say: ''This is why it's essential that you start thinking about/looking for schemes and jobs BEFORE graduation. Doing this in advance gives you chance to get an internship or a couple of weeks of work experience under your belt. Experience will only make your application stand out from others because you'll have stronger skills and understand the role more.'' and we couldn't agree more! (Credit: Fresh Student Living)

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3. Stay persistent 

If we're honest, you should prepare yourself for rejection. It may happen but don't let it discourage you! It's important to keep up the search, even if it's means editing your CV, cover letter or taking another look at your interview skills. 


4. Keep an eye out for graduate fairs

Your university will host at least 1 graduate fair a year. This is a haven of opportunities you should grab with both hands, as companies will be there to give advice and recruit post-graduates like yourself! You can speak directly to employers about what they look for a new member of the team and improve your application...

UCAS also host similar events so it's handy to look on their website here for what's on!



5. Use your connections

Ever heard the saying, it's not who you know, it's what you know? ''Whether it's fair or not is another questions, but thousands of job vacancies are filled each year through word of mouth alone. If you know someone who works for a company you're interested in, get them to recommend you; if you know someone who works in an industry you're interested in, ask them to put you in touch with the right person.'' (Credit: Save the Student)


If you find yourself procrastinating and binge watching Netflix on the sofa, it could be a sign you're willing to give up the search. But you can do it! As time costing and annoying it can be at times, it will be worth the pay out to become employed in your dream job.


Thanks for reading this weeks' blog post! We hoped this helped you starting off the next chapter in your life!

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