Wonderful and weird University socities

1. Harry Potter Society - University of Chester

The self-proclaimed home of witches and wizards at Chester University, this society gathers once a week to participate in games of Quidditch, an annual treasure hunt in the city center and the infamous Yule Ball at Christmas. If you have a passion or interest in all things Harry Potter, of course this one is for you.


2. Nicholas Cage appreciation Society - Lincoln University

This one sounds fantastic. If you feel like Nicholas Cage was carved by angels and/or the best actor to walk the face of the earth, what is there to debate? This society aims to bring people together for their mutual love of the Kick-Ass phenomenon. 



3. Hummus Society - SOAS University of London

You heard right, members of this group aim to spread awareness of the power of hummus. Chickpeas used in hummus are high in iron, folate, phosphorus and B vitamins, so maybe it's time you jumped on the bandwagon too.

''Our aim as a SOAS society is to use hummus as a tool to break down any remaining barriers, to bring the SOAS community together, to use a pot of hummus as the hearth of thought, recipes, stories and homes. Through the domain of a society, we hope to bring together all types, in order to indulge in “hummus for thought”


4. Competitive Eating Society - University of Kent

Inspired by programmes such as Man v. Food, this society hosts a wealth of eating competitions across campus throughout the year. Challenges include ones of speed, endurance, spice levels and quantity, with past events such as the Chicken Nugget Centurion, the One Metre Pizza, and of course, the Super Hot Curry Challenge. Feeling hungry at all?



5. Jailbreak Society - University of Warwick 

Why such a society exists, you may ask? It's not what you may think it is. Basically, it involves students trying to get as far away from campus as possible in a 36 hour time frame. 

Jailbreaks are typically popular across many UK Universities, but Warwick holds an impressive track record. 

They're restricted to use any money on transportation to help them. Impressively, past members have (somehow) made it to destinations such as Poland, Morocco, and even New York! How exciting!




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