Our refurbishment process

Every year we take your feedback and make improvements to enhance your experience finding a let you love here at CSL.

We're currently working on refurbishing several of our premium houses, and want to give you an insight in to how we've made it happen! 

One of our lovely 5 bedroom houses on Catherine Street was starting to look a bit dreary and outdated, so we've decided to completely gut the house to become a shell that we can re-model in to a more efficient, practical and modern home for our future tenants.


 35 cath

35 cath 2

35 cath 3



IMG 3933

IMG 3945

We're doing something different with this house, creating themed bedrooms with different framed pictures and color schemes to keep them looking exciting, vibrant and fresh!

IMG 3949

The picture above is what used to be the Bathroom. 

As the house was built in the Victorian times, we found the foundation layout wasn't correct. We've had to completely take off the roof and knock down one of the walls to dig beneath the ground. The walls will also be insulated to help stop black mold in it's tracks.

The old doorway you can see in the background will be moved and a large walk in shower will replace where it use to be. Our aim here is to make it bright and airy!

IMG 3926

Here are all of the measurements, floor plans and regulations in the front room for all of the trades and builders to refer to. If you look closely, you may be able to see what the finished kitchen will look like...

Throughout the house new flooring, walls, furniture and installments will be added. The front room will feature a brand new wide screen smart TV, sofas and decorative features as well as an extra study room and modern island to eat with housemates, plus much more.


We're going to keep you updated throughout and publish exciting new pictures once the house is complete! 3 and a half weeks to go...

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Thanks for reading!