3 things you'll miss most about uni this summer

With university almost over for summer, what better way to reflect on the previous year than gathering some student perspectives. University if filled with stressful moments but it also hosts some of the best ones that you will carry with you. With this in mind, we want to mention the little things that make university special and therefore highlight the moments you will miss most this summer. 

The conversations

Maybe it's all the cheese you've eaten before bed, but for some reason, you're in your housemate's room and you're talking about life on Mars on how aliens will eventually take over the world. At university, anything goes and any stupid question is on the table. Being around people a similar age and who are on the same wavelength means you can discuss topics freely which you might not be able to do when you're at home. The weird and the unusual conversations you have at university will have a lasting impression, because of this we had to include it on our list. 

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Your housemates

Whether it's the fact they never tidy up or they can't cook a meal to save their life,  your housemates will hold a memorable spot during your time at university. They can sometimes act as a family substitute, as they are the people you come home to after a sressful day of uni and who you may even share your problems with. They may drive you mad at times, but it's a sure thing that you will probably miss them during your summer at home. 

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The freedom

Probably the most important thing you will miss when you are back home. Something about having your on space with no one telling you what to eat or go to bed is liberating. Whether you're in you're the first or your final year at university, going home for a lengthy amount of time will be an adjustment at first. However, you will eventually get back into the routine of it. If not, make sure you get a tenancy that covers your house over summer just in case. That way you can split your time between uni and home life. 


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