Mental Health Week

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What's happening..... 

On the 16th of May 2018, we're holding an exciting fundraiser to mark the beginning of Mental Health Week and the launch of our first Charity of The Year. This event will be held at the office on Garden Lane and is designed to recognize and celebrate all the incredible work of the charity Chapter, which specializes in mental health. 


Set up in 1991, Chapter has been helping the people of Cheshire West area for 27 years and helping 130 people (over the age of 18) per year; a massive improvement from when they first began. It is stated that 1 in 4 people in the UK will experience a mental health problem and that 1 in 6 people in England will suffer from a common mental health people such as anxiety or depression, which is a scary statistic. 

Chapter works with numerous amounts of people in "regaining confidence, accessing training and employment experience, and moving towards fulfilling their life goals" in an effort to minimize the number of people in which that statistic was talking about. 

They do this by offering many different activities, spread throughout the week. From book clubs to dog walking, to photography and relaxation classes, Chapter offer so many activities for everyone to get involved with it can be hard to choose from. 

The charity also works with other large organizations such as schools, hospitals, and other charitable organizations,  to spread the word of Mental Health. 


Have we twisted your arm? We'd love to see you there, so click here to let us know you're coming.


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