CSL's essential revision tips

With exam season just around the corner, we know how important this time is for you all. As well as helping you with your accommodation needs, we want to help you with your area of study. To do this we have established 14 essential study tips to help you this exam season. 

Revision tip #1

Get organised!!!
Use the 3 Cs
1) Colour code
Use colour pens to separate and highlight key information
2) Clean
Keep revision notes together in a folder, so you can refer to them quickly. A tidy desk equals a tidy mind.
3) Calendar
Be proactive!! Making a revision timetable helps you to effectively split up your time.

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Revision tip #2

Facebook is not considered research!!
Try to refrain from any distractions; social media will not help you get a First Class Degree. If this is something you struggle with then we’ve found the app for you. SelfControl is a Mac app that allows you to block certain websites for a set amount of time. This enables you to concentrate fully on your revision. Once you put these blocks in place, it’s impossible for you to access them until the time you’ve previously specified runs out. If that doesn’t work for you then just throw your phone out of the nearest window.
There are plenty of similar apps out there, have a look here and see what you can find that works for you.

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Revision tip #3

Flash Cards are your best friend!!! Take them everywhere with you. If you would prefer to make online flashcards, use Cram, it’s free and very easy to set up.

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Revision tip #4

Remember to take a break, just like that annoying ex-boyfriend/ girlfriend, some separation time can help clear the mind. Chill out and grab some food, return 30 minutes later with a fresher perspective.
Eating dark chocolate with over 70% cocoa fights the stress hormone cortisol and releases endorphins which act as a natural fighter against stress. It’s basically science telling us to eat chocolate – who are we to say no?! You can find a list of other brain foods that claim to be good for revision here.

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Revision tip #5

Stressing out is not the answer!! It’s not worth getting yourself all worked up, take a step back and breathe. If you are someone who struggles with stress, then check out Fragrantheart.com it offers short audio bursts of relaxation and meditation techniques.

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Revision tip #6

Make sure you’re sitting comfortably!
Whether it’s at your desk or sitting on the floor reading, the more relaxed you are the better you will be at taking in information. Cleveland Clinic’s article will guide you through the best posture for your revision and why it’s important.

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Revision tip #7

Get in the zone!!

Whether that’s putting in your headphones and blasting Taylor Swift or taking yourself off to the quiet area in the Library. Everyone revises differently, so figure out what’s best for you.
Classical music is recommended as the best type of music to boost your brain power. However, if that isn’t your preferred genre, Spotify has brilliant study and relaxation playlists all tailored to different people’s needs.

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Revision tip #8

Sometimes two is better than one
If you’re someone who procrastinates, why not revise with a friend? You can both test and encourage each other.

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Revision tip #9

Work in chronological order.
Revise for the exam you have first. It may sound silly but people often leave the important things til last. Working in this way will help you when you’re preparing for all of your exams and stop you from getting muddled up.

CSL Revision Tip 9 11042016

Revision tip #10

Always have sweets nearby!!
This is great for all of you with a sweet tooth.
Just like taking sweets on a plane, this method will trick your brain into keeping you relaxed. It’s also going to keep your sugar levels up and your brain engaged through all the hard revision you will be doing. A healthy alternative to this would be nuts, particularly almonds and peanuts, which are a natural source of brain nurturing oils and fats.

CSL Revision Tip 10 11042016

Revision tip #11

Don’t try to cram in all the information.
Chances are if you don’t know it the day before the exam, you’re not going to know it all. Staying up till 3am and cramming 3 months’ worth of lectures into a night isn’t going to be effective. It will only be effective in making you stressed. Know your limits, you’ll know when it’s time to stop revising. A study conducted on Illinois College students showed that those students who went out for a walk before the exam performed better than those who had their head in a book immediately before.

CSL Revision Tip 11 11042016

Revision tip #12

Take care of yourself.
Exam time is the most stressful part of a student’s academic life. It’s easy to want to break down and give in. Don’t!! Getting enough sleep and maintaining a balanced diet will help you keep a level head. Remember studying is important but not as important as your wellbeing. Sworkit is a 5-minute workout app. It is specifically created for a study/ life balance, allowing you to create short training workouts to fit around your studying. To find out more information follow this link.

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Revision tip #13

Drawing is an effective stress reliever.
Colouring and doodling helps relax the mind making you less stressed. So release your inner child and draw images to help aid your recall. This is a great technique for you visual learners and adds something different to your revision.

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Revision tip #14

Lastly – make it fun!!
We bet there are plenty of other things you’d rather be doing than revising but if you start with a negative attitude chances are you won’t take anything positive away. Keep an open mind, and take the chance to enjoy the experience of revision. These years will make your future, so get out of it what you can.

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Obviously having the perfect room for your studying is just as important. If you’re still looking for somewhere for next year, check out what properties we still have available.