Important tips and dates for your calendar!

Christmas us upon us and can be a super busy time for students with buying presents, travelling schedules, deadlines, new years eve and term dates and rents creeping upon you!

Here we've drawn up some dates and info that you'll want to put in your calendar to keep you organised with everything you may have coming up in the next few weeks...


1. Update your travel schedule and keep a note of it on your phone

Whether you've booked travel through Trainline or National Express, or perhaps are getting picked up/travelling by car, it's always best to make a note in your calendar on your phone to remember in the coming days that you should pack essentials for your time away.

This way you won't become confused or forget any dates.

The last thing you'll want over the Christmas period is put yourself under any unnecessary stress, especially when prices can increase rapidly the nearer to Christmas and New Years Eve we get.

By scheduling important information in your calendar you could forget about it, and your phone should automatically notify you in the coming days that you have plans coming up.

A fool-proof way to stay organised, guys!


2. Get your assignments completed as soon as possible to avoid stress during the festive season

We know how easy it is to fall in to the endless pit of procrastination and put University work to the back of your mind 'till the last minute, but once you realise you only have a day or two left to do 2,000 words the deadline can cause unneeded anxiety and stress.

Create yourself a plan for the next month and filter in study time around working your part time job.

This way you can get home and already know you've got a pre-made plan set out for yourself!

This also helps double booking and making too many plans at once.


3. Term dates

University officially concludes for Christmas on 15th December and start back in the new year on 8th January. 3 weeks of some relax time before starting on the assignment grind again!


4. Rent payments

In some circumstances, rent payments are taken a few days after your Student Finance payment drops so we know you can afford to pay it.

January's payment goes in to your bank account by the 8th, so take a minute to double check when your rent is due so you know how to budget accordingly for the next month.

If needed, give your landlord a call to clarify everything! 



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