How to stay productive wherever you may be

With the way things are in the world at the minute, we at Chester Student Lets realise how difficult it must be for students to focus on their various assignments.

Displacement from regular routine and location can leave you feeling unmotivated, unproductive and well, a bit lost. We thought that we could try help by putting together a light-hearted guide on how to remain productive during lockdown, wherever you may be.

  1. Get out of bed

    Trust us, we know how appealing working from bed sounds, but it is not your friend! Getting up and making your bed tells your brain that the day is starting, and it’s time to get cracking! Whereas staying in bed will continue a sleepy, sluggish feeling and you won’t want to work. Sitting at a desk or table and having a ‘designated study space’ will also help your brain distinguish between your relax space and your focus space, which not only will help you get into a more productive zone but will also help you sleep better when it's time to return to your relax space.

  2. Move your body!

    We aren’t saying anything drastic, but a walk, a shower, even going downstairs to make a cup of tea. The physical response of leaving your room, and doing some form of activity in which you are aware of your change in surroundings, will give your brain a kickstart and let it know that it’s time to get the day going, even if you do need to go back to your room to do work.

  3. Get into a routine

    Going to bed, waking up and eating at around the same time everyday can really help boost your productivity. It gets your body and mind into a set rhythm which can help you feel less tired at the times your brain and body know it needs to work, and tired when they know it’s time to sleep. This also allows you to plan your day better, as you know when you will be awake and available to work - this takes the stress of getting things done last minute, as you know when things will be completed by.

  4. Plan, plan, plan!

    We aren’t saying plan your entire life out, but giving each day a set task allows you flexibility and structure with your time. It takes the stress off because you know at least one thing needs to be done that day and if that’s all you can do, that’s okay. It gives you the flexibility to allow yourself to be in the correct mindset to do it, which we know can be difficult at the minute. Just be careful not to over-schedule - be realistic about what you think you can get done as you don’t want to overwhelm yourself.

  5. Open those curtains!

    This goes out to all you night owls. Studies have shown that being exposed to natural lighting has countless benefits on our mental and physical wellbeing. Our eyes are also adapted to natural light so we can work for longer with less eye strain, which is a massive concern when you’re working online. Learning in natural light is also known to cause a 40% increase in productivity and brain retention.

  6. Figure out what works for you

    Look, we are all different. Some people need the TV on in the background, others total silence. Some people can only work in the mornings whereas others work better in the afternoon. Some people thrive on strict scheduling and others like things loose. Whatever you feel works best for you, apply it to your lockdown routine. You know yourself and what you are capable of better than anybody else.

  7. Be kind to yourself

    This is the most important piece of advice we can give you. Showing yourself compassion in a time like this is vital, these experiences are unprecedented in modern times and everybody is trying to figure out how to deal with it the best way they possibly can. So, if you are struggling to do work, don’t beat yourself up about it, everybody has an off day, week, month or year (cue FRIENDS theme tune here). Don’t push yourself beyond your abilities and if you are struggling, reach out to your loved ones or some of the incredible helplines that are available. Always take care of yourself first.

Here are some of the helplines available to those struggling:

Samaritans – 116 123
Give us a shout – Text SHOUT to 85285
CALM – 0800 58 58 58