Exam prep countdown

Exam Prep Countdown 01

Calling all second years! Exam week has finally arrived!! You’ve attended your last few lectures, done hours of revision, and spent your weekend stressing out. But now the day is finally here. We’ve put together some tips to help you on the day of your exam, whether it’s a morning or afternoon examination, these tips can be applied to both.

Tip #1 Sleep:

Get enough sleep the night before the exam. Being tired on the day of your exam is counter-intuitive as you won’t be able to concentrate, and will be unlikely to perform to the best of your ability. Sleeping a few extra hours instead of studying a few extra hours will do you the world of good – we’ve already written a got a blog all about the most effective ways to revise.

Sleep Cycle is an excellent app for understanding and regulating your sleeping patterns. It works by monitoring both movement and the time you go to bed, to wake you up during your lightest sleeping hour. This means you will wake up less tired and refreshed, ready for that exam!

Tip #2 Eat:

Regardless of how nervous you are, it’s very important to eat on the day of your exam. If you’re hungry, your body will not have the energy to get your brain functioning to the best of its ability- and you may find that you’re more focused on how hungry you feel rather than third-century literature or inverse trigonometric functions(!). Eat something that makes you happy – maybe pancakes or Nutella on toast is your bag. This will set your mood for the day so you will be more positive when you enter your exam. Equally, it doesn’t have to be large meal; you don’t want to feel lethargic, just satisfied. Brain HQ suggests snacking on nuts before your exam will slowly release energy and boost your brain power. We’ve found a great list of brain foods, from eggs and porridge to toast with jam.

Tip #3 Hydrate:

Make sure you drink enough water before and during your exam. Dehydration can make you lose your concentration, feel faint, and can really sap your energy. A study published in the Journal of Nutrition showed that being dehydrated can cause symptoms of headaches and a lack in focus. If you wait til you’re thirsty, your body is already dehydrated. Avoid sugary drinks and caffeine as they have been shown to increase nervousness. To help make sure you’re consuming enough water, Water Daily monitors how much you’re drinking. They recommended 2,500 ml per day which equates to eight glasses holding 250ml. The app records how many glasses you’ve drunk by tracking your overall consumption as a percentage when you shake your phone. So achieving 20% would mean that you’ve drunk two out of the recommended 8 glasses a day.

Tip #4 Prepare:

Ever entered an exam and seen everybody else with a ruler and a calculator, at which point you realise you haven’t got yours? Avoid that panicky feeling by making sure you are fully prepared and equipped for all eventualities. You don’t want to lose marks because you weren’t organised. Tick Tick is a device-based task manager. It helps with a variety of task management stuff, from tips on how to keep organised, to checklists, to shopping lists. You can use this to maximise your time and get organised by setting alarms and reminders to allow you to leave on time, and then you’ll be fully prepared.

Tip #5 Arrive early:

Nothing is worse than running to your exam stressed and panicking about being late, especially when you finally sit down in the exam hall and everybody is staring at you – we’ve been there. And then in the rush to get there, your mind has gone blank and you’ve completely forgotten all your revision – agh! Exam Countdown creates a countdown for each exam you’re sitting. Throughout the day it will send you alerts and give you timings for your upcoming exam e.g. if your exam is at 2pm and you want to refresh your head with some of the mindmaps you’ve carefully crafted (using the doodling advice on our revision tips blog), then your phone will set a timer showing you how long you have to refresh your memory before you need to leave for your exam. We suggest you make sure you get to your exam 15 minutes early to avoid the awkward walk of shame to find your seat – use this app and you may never be late to an exam again!

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Good luck students of the University of Chester.