4 things you will see on a night out in Chester

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Not only is Chester a top choice for your studies but it's also known for it's bustling night life. Whether you're looking to dance your night away in a club or just looking for some casual drinks, Chester has plenty to offer. No matter what you are looking for from your night out there are 5 things you're certain to witness on your time at University here.


Stag and Hen parties

You're bound to brush shoulders with a stag or hen group, celebrating their last night of freedom in the city. Whether they are opting for a quiet one in a local or full-on bar crawl- they will make their presence known. Most likely in some sort of tacky matching uniforms, standard procedure! If you're lucky, you may stumble across the lost man, separated from his stag do, trying to befriend every man and his dog to find where he needs to go. Most likely Cruise or Rosies.


Fancy dress galore

Speaking of costumes, you are guaranteed to spot groups in fancy dress - whether it be matching themed costumes like Where's Wally, Minions, or Baywatch babes on a student social night out, or personalised shirts with hilarious nicknames on them (like something out of The Inbetweeners). Students love feeling part of a group thanks to clubs and sports societies making it a physical rule to dress up for a night out! 


Lads on Tour

Like any other city, Chester is full of 'lads' splashing their cash on Jagerbombs and double vodkas, you can hear them from a mile away usually canting a sports song they ave wittily changed to feature their own name. Life of the party, you are guaranteed to have a good night if you are part of the crowd!


Dancing Divas

You've heard the lads, now it's time to see the girls. After hours of dancing in Cruise and perfecting their perfect synchronised dance moves, pain sets in from the heels and it's time to head home. Despite the cobbled streets and wet pavements, you'll see a few girls happily limping back barefoot, with a member of one of the lads on your clutching their shoes in one hand and cheesy chips and pizza in the other.



We want to give a big thank you to Rachel Frost and our friends at Last Night of Freedom for their contirbution to this blog post!

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