10 things only UoC students will understand

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Every university has its own rituals and must do's that undergraduates will experience over their three years of study. Here's a list we've popped together of things you're likely to encounter, see, and do whilst you're studying at the University of Chester.

And if you have done all of these things, congratulations! You are a true Chester Uni student!

1. Going to the Freshers' Fair for that one slice of Dominos pizza

This has to be the best part of freshers week. No amount of free t-shirts from Beans can compete with the deliciousness of a margarita pizza when you've spent all your money on big bags of pasta and tins of tomatoes. It makes standing in that 2-hour queue for the sports hall worth it, especially if you are lucky enough to get a second slice.

2. The only thing you develop during 'development week' is a Netflix addiction

Possibly one of the greatest things invented for students is reading week/ development week (the university equivalent of half term). Gracing us with its presence in early November and February, it gives you a week to finish assignments and (don't tell your tutors!) a chance to binge-watch Netflix without guilt!

3. Moodle is the devil

Moodle is the Chester Uni portal, providing you with all the information you could possibly ever need for your course. It's here you find your assessment number, timetable, instant chat for your course, uni emails, and even where you upload your assignments. However, it is known to crash every now and again, especially around assignment time when you're uploading to Turnitin. Approach with caution - or certainly a cup of tea in hand!!

4. Drink a BAZZALAD

The Bazzalad is a CSU Friday staple drink. A concoction of cherry sours, lemonade, and vodka. Reports tell us it's definitely worth the hour-long wait to get into student night.

5. Kingsway is NOT a 10-minute walk away

Forget the rumours, they're all lies!! Kingsway campus, the faculty of arts and media, is described to students (in the majority of places you'll look/ hear) every year as being a 10-minute walk away from main campus. But don't be fooled, Kingsway is roughly a 20-25 minute walk from Parkgate Road. To find out more information on the different campuses, check out our campus guide. And if you're looking for accommodation that is close to Kingsway, check out Ermine Road, West Street, Brookside Terrace and Ennerdale Road are the best 

6. Work-based learning

Work based learning (WBL) is the equivalent of a mini sandwich year for second years. It's a 5-week placement from May - June which counts toward 10% of the module. The great thing about WBL is that you get to have a real experience of working, often at a really cool company - like us! ;)

7. Taking a photo with Janya the elephant during Freshers' Week

If you don't know now, you soon will know where the elephant is in town, and it's pretty much guaranteed that all UoC students will have their photograph taken with it. In fact we hear it's near impossible to walk to Rosies during Freshers' week and not get a drunken selfie whilst sitting on the Junya the elephant.

8. When giving anyone directions in Chester... "do you know where the Eastgate clock is?"

The city landmark, it may as well be the sun that Chester residents navigate too. If you can find the clock, you can make your way around Chester - and you can help any tourists or other new students that are lost!

9. You will never just stop at One Stop once - if only they did loyalty cards!

One Stop is not a one stop shop, they could end up charging you rent for the amount of time you're likely to spend in there. Situated in the popular Garden Quarter, the shop's only a 5-minute walk from the main campus on Parkgate Road. It's a magnet for students and makes a great pit stop for those late night chocolate addictions - or midday/ morning/ sporadic chocolate addictions.

10. KingKabs are always 30 seconds away

Often we've heard taxi companies end a call "your taxi is on its way". However, in our experience, KingKabs probably really are. In fact, you are normally sat in the cab 5 minutes after ordering it.


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