10 mistakes every fresher makes

It's inevitable, living independently is trial and error. Especially as you're likely to be living away from home for the first time and have to be completely responsible for yourself. However, by acknowledging these common mistakes you can make sure you're well prepared for your upcoming year.

Bringing pointless things you don't need

It happens, you don't know what to pack so you may as well bring the kitchen sink right?. The best thing is to only bring the essentials, do you really need four pairs of white trainers? If necessary, make a list of things that you know you'll really need, and use this as an opportunity to declutter your belongings!

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Leaving referencing to the last minute

It seems like a good idea at the time... "I'll just wait till I finish the essay and then I'll quickly reference at the end" right? Wrong!! Referencing isn't a quick process. We recommend writing a list as you go along, as this may be the difference between you handing your assignment in on time and getting a penalty for late submission.


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Signing up to every society during freshers week

We understand that you get swept up in the moment, different sports and societies enticing you in and you just can't help but sign your name on every clipboard. Have a real think about what time you'll have, balancing your studies and your social life with your friends, then make the decision to sign up. Believe us, you'll be glad you didn't over-commit too early!


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Throwing away your moving boxes

Treasure this cardboard with your life! When moving into your accommodation, it's easy to get excited whilst unpacking and want to get rid of all your rubbish. Keeping your packing boxes may seem silly, but when you have to move out the following year, you'll regret having to spend the last of your loan on moving packs.


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Not backing up your work

Backing up your work may seem obvious, however, we know from experience that sometimes we can tend to leave things til last minute, and at that point you can't afford for anything to go wrong and cause a late submission. Something that might help is using Google docs to create a document that will automatically save as you go along, and then export this into a Word document once you're done.


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Going out every night during freshers' week

Freshers Week seems like a great idea at the time, you're rewarded with a week of parties for making it into uni. However, going out every night can make you seriously ill. Horrible hangovers, homesickness and colds are not going to make you feel good.


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Locking yourself out of your accommodation

You may think "this will never happen to me", but we can almost guarantee that at some point during your first year you will be stood outside your house after forgetting your keys. Try to keep them somewhere that you'll spot them as you leave your room.

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Not budgeting your student loan

Your student loan is supposed to last for 3 months, not 3 days. You may be living off Tesco's Finest food range for the first 2 weeks but you'll soon be back to everyday value unless you shop smart and start budgeting. Check out our 365 day challenge for tips on how to do this.


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Panicking about second-year accommodation

Being organised is usually a good thing, but sorting out your 2nd-year home 6 weeks after starting first year may not be the smartest move if you're not 100% sure where you want to be or who you want to live with. Make sure to do your research and decide who you actually want to live with and where, rather than be tied into a contract.


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Not taking first-year seriously

First year may not actually count toward your final grade for most courses but that doesn't mean it should be treated as a 'chill year'. First year will go so quickly and before you know it you'll be in third year wishing you tried harder beforehand.


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