Parkgate Road – get your study on!

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Exam season is now upon us so it’s essential that you make the most of your revision. If you are someone who struggles with revising at home, then check out this list of four revision spots on the main Parkgate Road campus. Even if you study at Queen’s Park, Riverside, Kingsway or even Thornton, they’re all only a short walk (or drive from Thornton) to Parkgate Road, so why not make the trip? Sometimes a change of scenery is just what you need to make the most of your revision session.


Seabourne library has been recently renovated and lucky for you guys, the study space has been increased. The library offers multiple facilities for study, with individual study rooms available to book, along with a 24-hour computer space and even two designated quiet areas, one in the upper part of the library and the other on the lower level (next to the cafe).

As well as this there are rows of seating through each level of the library with tables and plug sockets for charging throughout.

Computers become occupied quickly so unless you’re bringing your own, then try to get there early if you require computer access for revision. Think of it like you’re on holiday and you have to get up early to place your towel on the perfect sunlounger!

The front of the library doesn’t open until 12, so if you’re wanting to get an early start you will have to use the ‘out of hours’entrance, located across from the Grovesnor building (adjacent to the laundry room).

You’ll need to swipe your uni issued student card over the scanner to gain access, so don’t forget it! Your student card also works as your library account, so you will need it when checking out books and also to print.




There are plenty of cafes around main campus, perfect for a morning pick me up, but they also make a great revision spot. There are four cafes in total including the Starbucks in the CSU.

Binks building contains the biggest Starbucks on campus with an adjoining cafe for hot and cold food. It has an array of seating inside with two extra rectangle tables when you enter the building.

The Westminster building has a cafe on the bottom floor, this cafe is ideal if you are on the opposite side of campus (near the sports hall). There is even a quiet study area in the lower part of the Critchley building, which is located next to the Westminster building.

The CSU and the library both have small cafes. The library has a Costa on the bottom level, which has seats inside and around the outside of the shop. Whilst the CSU has a mini Starbucks next to its shop.

All cafes offer student discounted prices so remember to bring your student card, what better way to sit and revise than with a large coffee? It certainly helps us keep awake!

With a choice of four cafes on the main campus , you’ll have plenty of caffeine to help you through this exam season.




The main uni campus in Chester is blessed with loads of greenery which means plenty of places to sit and revise in the sun (when it decides to come out!). There’s guaranteed to be a patch of grass surrounding each hall of residence, with Grovesnor having the most outdoor space directly next to the astroturf and playing fields.

As well as accommodation, the CSU has lots of outdoor space, perfect if you like revising outside. There are benches and tables on the grass with sofas available inside if you prefer to have a relaxed revision session with friends.



Chester SU Shop

The SU shop is often overlooked but it actually makes for a great quiet study area. There are two separate rooms on either side of the entrance, each with sofas and tables, this is great for group study or an alternative to when the library is busy.



If you need further help with your exams and revision take a look at out our revision tips blog, where we suggest 14 suggestions tailored to help you revise and improve your study skills.

Good luck in all your exams from all of us here at Chester Student Lets – here to help you find a let you love!