Have you got your graduation outfit yet?

Graduation will easily be one of the proudest moments of your life. Your whole education career has led up to this moment.

You may only experience a few brief moments on stage being handed your scroll, but hundreds of people will be watching you and your family will want to take a million pictures. You'll need to look camera ready!

It will come around before you know it, so take a look below for our top tips on how to look your best on your big day...


Smart attire is the most appropraite

If you're not in your most dapper outfit you'll stand out like a sore thumb.

Boys, dig out your best suit or get down to the high street and buy yourself a nice shirt, shoes and tie.. you could even look for colours that match your robes if you wanna go all out!

Girls, you should invest in a smart/smart casual casual dress, jumpsuit or something sophisticated or summery. Heels can accompany some outfits well, but only wear them if you feel confident on your feet! Every graduates' worst nightmare is falling over on stage...


Comfortability is key

Leading on from our last point, wearing something comfortable is key if you want to get through the day without any awkward wardrobe changes to dampen the mood.If you are interested in buying a new pair of shoes, that's great! But you may want to wear them a few times first to avoid blisters on the day of your graduation. (Break them in somewhere clean- don't want to mucky your new shoes prior to the event!)


Don't forget to be weather appropriate 

In the week leading up to your graduation date, but sure to check the weather forecast on your phone or online to see what the prediction is on your day.

No point wearing a thin material or open toe shoes if it's going to be cold or rain. 

If the sun has been out, try to avoid wearing too many layers.


Recycle, recycle!

There's nothing worse than looking back on pictures and regretting your outfit choice. There's also nothing worse than spending a small fortune on an outfit you'll never wear again! Make sure it's something versatile that you could wear another time like a night out or dinner for example.


Pamper yourself

If you've got some extra cash, you could head down to the groomers or hair salon for a pamper, cut, blowdry or all of the above.

Girls, you may be thinking about getting your lashes or nails done. If you can afford it, these little extras will make you feel fully prepared for the biggest and proudest day of your life.


Good luck and massive congratulations to the class of 2018!

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