How to make new friends as a fresher

During freshers week it’s easy to become nervous and apprehensive, it’s just a case of who can hide it best!

Here’s some helpful tips to help you along your way to making friends and feeling at home in a new place.

1. Social media – It’s easy to meet people even before you move in. As soon as A-level results come out, many students flock to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for more information. Search for things relatable to yourself such as the halls you’re living in or your course type, and you’ll be sure to find a group chat or event happening with new students in the area! (If there isn’t one, why not create a group yourself?)
Communicating online can be much easier than an awkward first face to face conversation. When you’ve found your online group, suggest a day out or night together!

2. Keep people close – You may know someone from your college or sixth form that’s attending the same university as you, and even if you don’t know them so well it may help to have a familiar face around for the first few weeks. Equally, spending some time with them opens opportunities up to meet their new friends too!

3. You’re not the only one who’s shy – Although it can be difficult to make the first move in a conversation, we can guarantee it will be appreciated by the peer who is likely to be just as nervous as you! One of our team bought a cake in to their halls and told everyone they were free to help themselves- A kind gesture like this will immediately make you more approachable to people, and is a great conversation starter.

4. Join a society – Societies are a good way to make new friends. By looking on the Student Union’s website and having a browse at the taster sessions available, you’ll be sure to find one you’re interested in. There’s a huge variety of societies, from yoga to Harry Potter! You’ll know that everyone there has something in common, and it makes it very easy to get a conversation started. Also, most societies have dedicated themed nights out once a week. This is an easy way to start to feel comfortable around new people and have fun in the process!
Take a look at the link for further information on the opportunities available:

5. Keep your door open – If you move in to halls, nothing signifies a confident and social person more than an open door. People are more likely to come and say hello if they feel welcome and like they’re not disturbing you!

6. Go to Freshers’ Fair – As well as being an opportunity to talk to new people in the same situation as you, you’ll also get an idea of what the University of Chester and city has to offer. You'll find a lot of the trendy bars, clubs and offers in the city will have promotions saying that they’ll be there, which will give you an insight on who will be attending. Also, there’s usually free pizza! And if you needed any other incentive, we’ll be there too with some exciting special offers. 

One last thing to always keep in mind – everyone else is likely to want to make friends just as much as you!

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